Australia's Best Sunglasses

We started Hungry Eyewear in 2013 because we increasingly felt we couldn’t find a set of sunnies that reached the height of high-quality design and craftsmanship we expected. We felt that customers were paying far too much for badly manufactured products, and that brands were far too focused on making money.

As a result, we’ve grown from our start-up roots in Melbourne, but the need to disrupt the sunglasses industry remains a chief driving factor. We frequently look to overseas markets and cultures for inspiration, with Japanese culture being one of our favourite places to start when designing our “edgy and bold” products. If you love to try new things, don't conform to the norm and have an affinity with the Land of the Rising Sun's superior craftsmanship, our shades will be right up your alley.

So we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been chosen as one of Australia’s best sunglasses vendors for travellers!

The holiday insurance company, Bupa, has compiled a list of the most preeminent brands and stockists across the country so you can find the sleek and authentic shades for your next globetrotting jaunt. The featured designs are guaranteed to ‘keep you on trend no matter where you are in the world’, says Bupa.

Hungry Eyewear is sure to satiate all your sunglasses cravings with stand-out styles and trademark looks. Our formula for creating premium designer sunglasses for the masses has been recognised in the round-up, which says we speak ‘to those who pride themselves on individual expression, adventure seeking, style and technology’.

The article entitled, ‘Australia’s Best Sunglasses for Travellers’, recommends our Mad Dans shades, with their circular lenses fitted in a thick, black and grey-stippled frame, for the young, the vibrant and the dynamic. Sound like you? These frames are just one of the many classic silhouettes we have reinvented to achieve the right look for your travels abroad and onshore.

We’re not only inspired by Japan, we also exclusively use high-quality Japanese acetate for our frames. This means that our sunnies are tough, as well as fashionable. They come in an incredible range of colours, are long lasting, and use UV400 polarised lenses to prevent glare and protect your eyes.

Hungry to see the world in a totally new light? Get your eyes behind your next pair of edgy and bold sunnies.